Monolith Academy proudly announces that it is now an Unreal Authorized Training Centre.

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Unreal Engine is one of the most powerful and popular Game Engine that is employed to develop games, live videos, film content, architecture viz, automotive product design and manufacture. It was introduced by Epic Games and has seen five upgraded versions till now. Developers have used this tool to create some of the greatest video games which includes Fortnite, Hellblade and Street Fighter. This trusted Game Engine is deployed to render animations, create and manipulate videos and associated sounds and also, to construct simulations. Unreal Engine is what a developer needs, because they’re indeed built to satiate every single demand of a developer to designing out the future gaming scenario down to minute details. It is integrated in its working and has marked its territory in the development of next-gen games and other 3D content creation.

Therefore, as a whole, Unreal Engine is the to-go option when it comes down to development of 3D games, movies, videos, real-time events and other 3D content. The ease of use of this tool, the evolution the Game Engine has seen from the year it was introduced to now, reassures and proves itself as a trustworthy option to its users.

Thus, there is an ever-growing demand and need for adept brains and dextrous hands in this field which labels this as an extremely valuable sector to the young minds of the nation. Monolith Academy focuses on introducing Unreal Engine to such creative minds to create a revolution in this industry.

Monolith Academy offers a Foundation Course in Unreal Engine which entails around making the students compute their niche and develop themselves to produce the next-gen games and related 3D content.

At Monolith Academy, there are a number of accomplished experts who have had first-hand experience in the industry and can indulge with the students with their masterly skills and amiable presence.