Frequently Asked Questions


  • Which is the best course in Animation?

    2D Animations and 3D Animation courses are two courses offered by Monolith under Animation category. Both courses are excellent choices for making a superb career in animation.

  • Who can join the courses?

    Each course has their distinctive requirements, please refer each course page for detailed information about the eligiblility.

  • Are the courses available only in online?

    No, they are available in offline also, please contact the academy to know more.

  • Can other state people join this course?

    Yes, ofcourse they can join.

  • Can people from other countries join this course?

    As of now people from Asian and European countries can join, for other regions please check the website frequently. we will notify it on the website.

  • Can | gift the course?

    No, at present this option is not available.


  • What are all the payment methods available?

    Users can pay using their debit cards, credit cards, UPI, bank transfer, cheque, Demand Draft.

  • Can | pay using bitcoins or any cryptocurrency?


  • Can | pay using international cards?


  • How to solve payment issues?


  • Where to see my payment status?


  • Amount debited from account, but it didn't reflect in the payment status.


  • Can | get refund for the course?



  • Where can | get the certificates after the course completes?


  • What to do if the certificate has wrong name or spelling in it?