PG Diploma in 2D Animation

Explore your passion for animated art. Through focused industry-aligned training, enhance your skills using professional software like Harmony to create captivating shorts, motion designs, and beyond. Guided by mentors, engage in practical projects to refine your unique style and storytelling abilities.

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2 Years


Job Opportunities

Storyboard Artist, Previsualization Artist, Stop-Motion Animator, 2D Game Animator, Background Artist, Character Designer, Layout Artist, Texture Artist, Motion Graphics Designer, Illustrator, Digital Content Creator, Compositing Artist, Effects Animator, Lip Sync Animator.


Any Degree

What You Will Learn

Fundamentals Of Art: Develop students' ability to visualize concepts through observation drawing, recognize design components, and create concept art to effectively communicate design ideas.

Advanced Art: Enable students to demonstrate technical ability and craftsmanship in their artworks, apply art theory concepts effectively, and explore art styles from different cultures and time periods.

Stop Motion Animation: Develop skills in creating visually appealing animations, with a solid understanding of frame-by-frame animation, timing, and storytelling, with various stop motion techniques.

Digital Animation: Demonstrate a significant understanding of different animation techniques, media, and cognitive learning to produce a body of work applying animation principles critically.

Rigging For 2D Animation: Develop understanding of rigging methodologies, animation creation processes, and rigging characters for 2D animation.

Character Animation: Enable students to learn character animation, applying knowledge to cut-out animation and mastering rigging processes for animation creation.

Animatics: Apply artistic skills and processes to create frame-by-frame animations, understand advanced body mechanics, and execute animatics based on storyboards.

Short Film Production: Develop skills in scriptwriting, screenplay writing, and storyboarding, understanding the entire film production process for short films.

Media Law And Ethics: Demonstrate understanding of historical and contemporary ethical challenges in media, media laws, and regulations, fostering ethical media practices.

Video Editing: Learn audio editing, sound design, and video editing techniques, managing and organizing media, and developing a comprehensive editing workflow.

Program Overview

2D animation is widely used today, ranging from simple explainer videos to engaging anime. Delve into the captivating world of 2D animation with our Advanced Diploma program. Designed to provide professional training in 2D animation techniques, this program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic field of animation. 

From character animation to motion graphics and animated shorts, you will learn to create compelling visuals using industry-standard software like Harmony by Toon Boom. Upon completion, you will be well-prepared for a rewarding career in the 2D animation industry.

Internship Opportunities

By means of internship, you'll have the chance to boost your skills and grow your professional network with valuable industry experience through internships.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, you will:

  • Effectively communicate design ideas through concept art.
  • Analyse contemporary and historical artworks while producing conceptual art.
  • Understand theoretical frameworks and processes in film production.
  • Enhance communication skills in pre-production, including storyboarding and scriptwriting.
  • Utilize advanced digital painting techniques, focusing on composition and colour theory.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in descriptive drawing of the human form.
  • Create visually appealing animations through frame-by-frame animation.
  • Establish a strong foundation in animation techniques.

Why Study at Monolith

  • Specialized curriculum focusing on 2D animation.
  • Industry-experienced faculty providing expert guidance.
  • Comprehensive training in industry-standard software like Harmony by Toon Boom.
  • Hands-on practice in essential skills such as pre-production, including storyboarding and scriptwriting.
  • Opportunities to build a professional portfolio through project-based learning.
  • Support for career guidance and assistance with placement opportunities.

Who Can Enrol

For enrolment in this course, candidates should have completed an UG degree.

Who Can Take This Program

This program is ideal for individuals who aspire to pursue a career in animation. Whether you're an aspiring animator, graphic designer, illustrator, or multimedia artist, this program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the dynamic world of animation.