Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation

Dive deep into visual storytelling with the 3D animation realm. Learn practical techniques and 3D software to model characters and creatures, set up rigs and bring them to life. Practical training and guidance from expert faculty will equip you for roles in film, VR, games, and more. Get the competitive edge to kickstart your career in 3D animation.

In-Classroom training /

1 Year


Job Opportunities

3D Visualizer, 3D Generalist, Character Modeler, Prop/Asset Modeler, Modeling Artist, Texturing Artist, Visual Development Artist, Animator, Rigging Artist, Rendering Artist, Mocap Artist, Stereo Artist, Environment Artist, Crowd Artist, and Simulation Artist.

What You Will Learn

Film Studies: Provide a comprehensive understanding of film theory and the film production process, from pre-production to post-production techniques.

Fundamentals of Art: Enhance students' foundational art knowledge, visual problem-solving, and communication skills through principles of composition, colour theory, and 3D illusions.

Modeling and Texturing: Develop proficiency in modeling techniques, character modeling, and texture painting for multi-material objects/characters, with a focus on advanced sculpting techniques.

Advanced Modeling & Texturing: Acquire advanced 3D modeling skills and proficiency in texturing techniques, PBR workflows, and asset optimization strategies.

CG Lighting and Rendering: Understand different types of lighting techniques and rendering settings to create realistic renderings based on shape, material, and lighting setup.

Animation Techniques: Provide a strong foundation in the animation process and advanced animation techniques practiced in the industry, including motion capture and production pipeline.

Rigging and Animation: Practice rigging characters and objects, learn rigging techniques, and understand the function and structure of animation industries.

Dynamics: Develop skills in creating particle effects such as smoke, fire, and water, understanding Newtonian mechanics, and applying basic terms for describing particle motion.

Motion Graphics: Develop expertise in motion graphics software, apply animation principles, and convey narratives through motion graphics, integrating visual effects and animations with audio tracks.

Program Overview

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of 3D animation with our Advanced Diploma program. Our intensive program is meticulously designed to provide you with comprehensive training in 3D animation, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to produce high-quality animations and visual effects for film, television, games, and other media applications. 

Throughout the program, you will receive guidance from our expert teaching faculty and industry professionals who are passionate about helping you succeed in the animation industry. Enrol to embark on an exciting learning experience that will shape your career.

Internship Opportunities

Through the internship segment of this program, you will gain valuable real-world experience by working with leading animation studios and production houses.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation program, you will:

  • Exhibit practical expertise in 3D computer animation and visual effects creation.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting, rendering, and animation.
  • Apply industry-standard 3D software to produce high-quality animations and visual effects.
  • Understand the principles and techniques of film production and post-production.
  • Analyse and reflect on the content, form, ideology, and structure of films.
  • Apply foundational art knowledge and skills in composition, design, and colour theory. Create 3D illusions in art and effectively communicate visually.
  • Implement particle effects, dynamics simulations, and hair/fur in animations.
  • Design and implement motion graphics with narrative elements and audio synchronization.

Why Study at Monolith

  • Comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of 3D animation and motion graphics.
  • Expert faculty comprising industry professionals and experienced professionals.
  • Intensive training in industry-standard software.
  • Guidance from expert teaching faculty and industry professionals.
  • Hands-on experience in modeling, rigging, animation, and more.
  • Opportunities for portfolio development and project-based learning.
  • Support for career guidance and assistance with placement opportunities.

Who Can Enrol

For enrolment in this course, candidates should have completed a minimum of 12th standard or its equivalent.

Who Can Take This Program

This program is ideal for aspiring animators, creative individuals passionate about visual storytelling, and anyone seeking a career in the 2D animation realm.