Master Certificate in AR/VR

Dive into the expansive world of digital technology. Learn to develop immersive AR/VR experiences that captivate, entertain and solve real-world challenges through practical projects. Join the forefront of the tech revolution and take charge of your prospects at Monolith!

In-Classroom training /

1 Year


Job Opportunities

Unreal Developer, XR Developer, 3D Modeler, 3D Animator, Realtime Renderer, Technical Artist, Simulation Engineer, Game Designer, Game Developer, Level Designer, XR Content Developer, XR Producer, XR Architect, Medical AR/VR Specialist, Arch Viz Specialist.

What You Will Learn

3D Creation: Equip students with essential skills in Blender's UI navigation, 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering engines to create visually compelling 3D scenes.

Rigging & Animation: Demonstrate the principles of rigging for 3D characters and objects to create realistic character rigs and expressive animations for immersive experiences.

Environment And Lighting: Guide students in mastering Unreal Engine basics, asset management, and advanced topics such as Nanite to create dynamic environments with realistic lighting effects.

Programming & Blueprints: Provide a solid foundation in Unreal Engine and blueprints, focusing on AI implementation, UI design, and optimization techniques for immersive game experiences.

Cinematics, Rendering And SFX: Introduce Cinematic tools in UE, high-quality rendering techniques, and Sequencer for creating cinematic experiences with immersive sound effects.

AR Development: Obtain a comprehensive understanding of AR technology fundamentals and development tools to create interactive AR experiences for various platforms.

VR Development: Provide a comprehensive understanding of VR technology and development tools, to create immersive VR experiences with realistic interactions.

MR Development: Guide students through the creation of immersive AR projects, covering platform setup, passthrough integration, and multi-user experiences for performance-optimized AR development.

Program Overview

Extended Reality (XR) technology is magical, interactive and massive. Immerse yourself in a transformative journey into this ever-expanding technology with our Master Certification in AR/VR course. This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to design, develop, and deploy cutting-edge applications for AR/VR platforms.

Delve into the world of software development, 3D modeling, user experience design, and programming skills specific to augmented and virtual reality. With Authorized Training Instructors by your side, create stunning animations, models and games that could be your gateway to unlocking the boundless possibilities of XR.

Internship Opportunities

Through the internship segment of this course, you can acquire practical expertise and industry exposure to build AR/VR experiences by working with renowned companies in the industry.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, you will:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in industry-standard 3D software UI navigation, scene management and 3D modelling.
  • Exhibit knowledge in texturing, lighting principles, and rendering engines to create visually compelling 3D scenes.
  • Apply industry-standard rigging methods to create realistic character rigs.
  • Utilize animation principles for expressive motion in 3D characters and objects.
  • Demonstrate knowledge in Unreal Engine concepts, including project creation, asset management, and core components like blueprints.
  • Perform tasks like implementing AI, designing UI, and optimizing game experiences.
  • Utilize Cinematic tools in UE5, high-quality rendering techniques, and Sequencer.
  • Execute comprehensive projects showcasing expertise in relevant concepts and methodologies.

Why Study at Monolith

  • Specialized curriculum focusing on AR/VR production utilizing Unreal Engine.
  • Comprehensive training provided by SMEs and Unreal Authorized Training Instructors.
  • Hands-on practice in essential skills such as lighting, rendering, optimization, etc.
  • Opportunities to build a professional portfolio through project-based learning.
  • Internship opportunities for real-world exposure and networking.
  • Support for career guidance and assistance with placement opportunities.

Who Can Enrol

For enrolment in this course, candidates should have completed a minimum of 12th standard or its equivalent.

Who Can Take This Program

Our Master Certification in AR/VR program is designed for individuals who are enthusiastic about exploring the vast potential of Extended Reality (XR). Whether you're an experienced developer or a newcomer to the world of AR/VR, this program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in this exciting and rapidly evolving field.