Industry Knowledge

Los Angeles

Our experienced instructors help our students to master the state-of-the-art tools and techniques used by top creative professionals worldwide.

Native Language


We inspire and empower our students to learn and understand faster by providing international standard courses in their native language. Our programs prepare our students to succeed locally or anywhere in the world.

Next Generation Learning

New York

How we learn is evolving. Our approach puts our students at the center of learning with programs designed to inspire, motivate and empower them to excel. We have enhanced our teaching methods to equip today's learners with tomorrow's technologies that can ensure that each student is equipped to thrive in a rapidly changing industry.


New York

We developed our courses using a proven 3 dimensional scientific approach with three levels: Scientific and Engineering Practices (SEPs), Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs) and Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs). We start with a top-down approach that begins with practical applications and drills down to core fundamentals

Industry Connect

Monolith through its existence and high-level service delivery quality for more than twenty-five years of providing media technology communication services in Japan, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, China, Republic of Korea, Australia, United Kingdom is fortunate to have the top hundred fortune five hundred companies as our top ten clients.